Business Concept

PICKupSTICKS is the first and known upscale on-stick Filipino food brand to both consumers and franchise investors.

This food franchise concept offers affordable and flavorful Filipino Streetfood focusing more on Grilled and Fried on-sticks products.

There are 4 main categories for their product offering:
> On-sticks Menu
> Silog Meals
> Party Bilao
> Vacuum-Packed Goodies

Why Franchise With Us?

1. High demand for street food - Filipinos love to eat any time of the day! A quick eat and easy food find is usually sold in the streets. You can count on PICKupSTICKS on-stick foods to catch the Filipino eyes and taste buds.

2. Original and unique brand - Created and developed by Filipinos for Filipinos. We levelled-up the good old street foods to a brand you can trust and depend on either you are a consumer or franchise investor.

3. High standard processes - To achieve a top-quality taste of our offers, we formulated its delectable taste, proper food handling and cooking, quality delivery service and monitoring.

4. Affordable food franchise - Investing in a great food franchise shouldn't cost you much. You can choose from our different store formats that fit your investment budget and start your business today.

5. Digitally transformed company - You can order from our e-commerce website, facebook page with a chatbot for real-time inquiries & instant replies, with Point of Sale (POS), and inventory system.

6. Professional franchise program - Our developed franchise program offers unique branding, standard franchise procedures, operations manual, franchise support & training. We have a Professional Franchise Agreement before our partnership begins.

7. Digital training for franchisee - You are trained with essential social media management to handle your own Facebook page created by us. A chatbot is already installed for faster replies.

Franchise Details

PICKupSTICKS franchise brand has 3 different store formats as follows:

1. PICKupSTICKS Cloud Kitchen (a home-based store with high-level digital activities to develop the market)

2. PICKupSTICKS Corner (a retail store in a 4-6 square meter kiosk)

3. PICKupSTICKS Bistro (a full-store restaurant with an average size of 40 to 80 square meter)


> PICKupSTICKS Cloud Kitchen - 10 to 15 sqm
> PICKupSTICKS Corner - 4 to 6 sqm
> PICKupSTICKS Bistro - 40 to 60 sqm


PICKupSTICKS Cloud Kitchen - 95k
PICKupSTICKS Kiosk - 160k
PICKupSTICKS Bistro - 250k


PICKupSTICKS Cloud Kitchen - waived
PICKupSTICKS Kiosk - waived
PICKupSTICKS Bistro - waived


PICKupSTICKS Cloud Kitchen - waived
PICKupSTICKS Kiosk - waived
PICKupSTICKS Bistro - waived

Other Investment Options

Aside from franchise investment, you may also start with a low investment option such as Distributor and Dropshipper:

1. PICKupSTICKS Accredited Distributor (a home-based distribution business selling Vacuum-Packed Goodies)

2. PICKupSTICKS Dropshipper (an online business that does not require cooking facility or inventory)


> PICKupSTICKS Accredited Distributor - 2-3 sqm space for chest freezer

> PICKupSTICKS Dropshipper - No space requirement since it is purely online


> PICKupSTICKS Accredited Distributor - Php 25,000 (with 25% discount - Php 18,750)

> PICKupSTICKS Dropshipper - Php 3,900 training fee (with 50% discount - Php1,950)


No royalty and advertising fee


No renewal fee


Grow with us!

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