Business Planning (For Start-ups)

Business plan (for start up businesses)

Business plan is like a road map, it is an important tool for entrepreneurs to lay out their goals and track their progress.

Going in to a business without business plan is like going on a mountain trek without a GPS. It is critical in setting your business up for success. The primary Importance of having a Business plan is to allow you to determine the answer to some critical decisions ahead of time.

Data shows that 71% of successful Businesses have a business plan and grow significantly faster by 30% from those without. Because a good Business plan can help you see the bigger picture, plan ahead, make important decisions and significantly help you move forward efficiently and improve the likelihood of success.

Creating a robust business plan is a forcing function to success- Sadly, only 30% of small businesses can reach their 5th Anniversary, while there are many reasons for star up companies failure the most critical and most common problems are purposefully addressed in a Business Plan.

Every piece of a Business Plan can help you spot potentially critical mistakes before they arise thus, helping you set better Objectives and Benchmarks. A Business Plan helps Start-up Businesses improve their chance of success by giving detailed information in Market Analysis, Competitive analysis, Customer Segmentation, Marketing, Logistics and Operations planning, Cashflow Projection, and overall path for a long term growth. 

JGH Business Consultancy can help you formulate a Business Plan that will help you establish your business with the right systems in your organization.

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