How to Grow Your Business Using E-Commerce And Social Media (Nov 13, 2021 at 2pm)

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A Training on Sales Funnel Strategies Using Facebook, Chatbot and E-Commerce Website

Want to have never-ending leads, buyers, or loyal customers? Direct your online visitors to your sales funnel! A sales funnel is the buying process, or customer journey, that businesses lead their customers to when purchasing products or services. It helps a business to convert their leads into buying customers.

Having a well-designed sales funnel strategy makes your marketing activities more efficient and automated. Joms Haboc, an established business consultant and business expansion strategist, created a simplified model for sales funnel strategies as follows:

  1. Awareness Programs
  2. Retargeting Programs
  3. Loyalty Programs


In this training program, Joms will discuss the most popular platforms to implement the strategies as mentioned above, such as:

  • Facebook and Instagram Marketing
  • Chatbot (Using Mobile Monkey)
  • E-Commerce Website (Using Shopify)


It will last for 2.5-3 hours through a video-conference (zoom meeting). The training outline is shown below:

 I. Introduction to Sales Funnel Strategies

II. The Product Offering

  • The Brand’s USP
  • Identifying the Primary Target Market
  • Cost of Goods Analysis in relevance to ROAS (Return of Ad Spent)

III. Facebook Ads Manager

  • Types of Facebook Audience
    • Saved Audience
    • Custom Audience
    • Lookalike Audience
  • How to Setup the Ad Campaign
    • How to Choose the Right Campaign Objective
    • How to Identify the Right Ad Budget
  • How to Setup the Ad Set
  • How to Setup the Ad Creatives

IV. Sales Funnel Strategies Using Chabot

V. Sales Funnel Strategies using E-Commence Website


What you will get:

  1.    Soft copy Certificate of Attendance
  2.    Copy of the Training Deck
  3.    FREE Initial One-on-One Consultation


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