How to Create and Manage Your Own Online Store (Dec 11, 2021 at 2pm)

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E-Commerce is the buying and selling of goods and services via the internet, and the transfer of data and payment to complete the sales process.

Over the years, E-Commerce has grown rapidly and transformed not only the retail but the service industry as well. This was further enhanced after the pandemic of Covid19, which forced the population to stay at home, online shopping was the best option.

As entrepreneurs, E-commerce is a critical pivoting strategy since consumers turned to E-Commerce or Online Stores for continued access to products and services. And it is likely to remain an increasingly preferred option post-pandemic.

In this webinar, you are going to learn how to set up and manage an e-commerce website using Shopify so we can start selling our products and services online.

Our speaker, Mr. Joms Haboc, will be sharing his expertise in this field. The webinar will include the following topics:


I. Introduction to E-Commerce and Shopify

  • Advantages of E-Commerce
  • Why Shopify?

II. How to Add Products or Services To Sell

  • Setting Up Collections
  • Setting Up Products or Services

III. Payment Setup

IV. Store Design

  • Setting up your domain
  • Setting up the pages
  • Setting up the menu
  • Using and Selecting Themes
  • Customizing the User Interface
  • Customizing Preferences

V. How to Setup Shipment

VI. Managing the Backend of your Online Store

  • Managing Orders
  • Analytics
  • Database Management
  • Marketing
  • Promo Codes
  • Apps or Plug-ins
  • Settings

VII. Connecting Facebook Commerce and Facebook Pixel

VIII. Sales Funnel Strategies

  • Awareness Programs
  • Retargeting Programs
  • Loyalty Programs

What you will get:

  1.  Soft copy Certificate of Attendance
  2.  Copy of the Training Deck
  3.  Webinar Video Recording
  4.  FREE Initial One-on-One Consultation

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